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The complex of services to ensure the transportation of goods, including documentation and support. The bottom line is in accompanied professional freight forwarding "from door to door" and the continuous monitoring of cargo in order to...

Internal Customs Transit

The customs procedure under which foreign goods are transported through the customs territory of the Customs Union without paying customs duties, taxes and application of prohibitions and restrictions of an economic nature, established in accordance...

Customs clearance

To carry out the customs control and customs clearance, persons transporting commodities and transport vehicles, are obliged to provide all the necessary documents and information to the customs authorities  for this purpose.

A remote release of goods.

The technology, in which the declaration is filed and issued in the domestic customs authority, and the actual control is carried out in the border customs authority, located in the customs and logistics terminals, created in order to harmonize...

Customs agency servicing

Activities on choosing of the customs clearance station, collection and preparation of documents, prior goods declaration before their arrival at the point of customs control, the interaction with the customs authorities in the process of goods...

Cargo transportation

By that term is meant container transportation by different modes of transport. And more often it is cargo, which consists of goods of different customers. This method of delivery has a relatively low rates and avoids processing a plurality of papers.

Complex provision of transport logistics services

ZabTLC LLC offers international road and rail transportation from the PRC, through the Zabaikalsk RF border crossing point - Manchuria of China according to the "door-to-door" scheme.
The location of our company directly at the border checkpoint gives you the opportunity to use our services at direct freight rates.


- conclusion and execution of a foreign trade contract;
- customs legislation;
- transport and logistics schemes;
- calculations of customs payments and transport tariffs.


LLC "ZabTLK" - Trans-Baikal Customs - Logistics Company will assist in carrying out customs procedures and operations in the customs declaration of your goods directly at checkpoints Zabaikalsk Chita Siberian route and Customs Administration (TSA)

We practice different forms and types of customs clearance, the emphasis is on the fact that the most profitable and convenient to our customers.

Preparation and submission of customs declarations for the goods and the transit declaration (TD and TH) produce as its own name and for its printing, and the name and seal of the Customer.

We carry out orders for delivery of goods from China in its foreign trade contracts and agreements.

Our company has extensive experience in organizing international transport and delivery of goods to the place specified by the Customer.

We pay more attention to mobility in the performance of contractual obligations, which gives you the benefit and advantage in solving problems.

Each customer individually.

According to your wishes, we offer the best in terms of time and cost solution that is the main advantage of the "Company" over the competition. And cooperation with other companies to meet all customer requirements on time.

Smooth interaction with professional transport companies and customs declaration in the various customs authorities enables us to guarantee delivery and customs clearance of goods from seller to buyer in the shortest time.

For us it is important that you are satisfied with the quality of the work done and had a desire in the prospective cooperation with our company.

Ltd. "ZabTLK" is a separate division of the customs representative "SK - Alliance".

(Certificate of entry in the register of customs representatives № 0240/03 of 15.02.2013).